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The vertical transportation system is a compromise between conflicting demands, the exact nature of which is critical to ensure that the most appropriate scheme is determined.

Our experience enables us to determine the correct balance, ensuring that the Client’s requirements are achieved in terms of quality, cost and programme.

There are also now many legal requirements that must be met (Lifts Regulations, firefighting, disabled access, etc) and we are best placed to ensure compliance with these.



To meet the Client’s expectations of quality of service, it is necessary to determine the number, size, speed and control system of the lifts or escalators within the building. This is an interactive design process between all members of the design team, as variables such as population distribution have an effect on the vertical transportation system that in turn affects lift well dimensions, pit depths, headroom, etc.

Our knowledge in design matters allows us to provide accurate dimensions and loads, at an early stage in the design process and without bias, to allow the speedy progress of the scheme without unnecessary expense. Our independence also ensures the right emphasis on performance, space, capital cost and programme.


It is rare for money to be no object in any situation, and construction, refurbishment and fit-out projects are no exception. Establishing a realistic budget and keeping to it is critical to the success of any project.

We can assist with this process, by interpreting the initial requirements of the Client, advising on the appropriate funds to achieve them and commenting on the relative ‘value for money’ of various options.











Having established the appropriate system to meet the Client’s needs, it is necessary to translate the scheme into a format that is clear, unambiguous and suitable for contractual purposes. This requires a technical specification, written by an unbiased specialist in a language easily understood by contractors.

From the Client’s viewpoint, the specification allows decisions to be made by comparing ‘like for like’ offers and a basis to be established for comparing the end result with that quoted.

Using our experience on both sides of the industry’s ‘fence’, we write specifications that define concisely the scheme without unnecessary frills and in a style that is not open to misinterpretation.




There are various statutory requirements and other standards which affect the scheme design, eg disabled access, a suitable environment is necessary; and long lead times need to be put into the programme.

These are matters with which we are familiar, enabling us to avoid the disastrous consequences of non-compliance with legal requirements, unsuitable environments, and late delivery or completion.