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After 14 years with one of the largest UK lift contractors in many different roles, seven as a specialist consultant within a large multi-disciplinary consultancy and two as a partner in a firm of independent lift consultants, Tony Warren formed the company in 1993. Since then  it has grown to become the limited company it is today, however none of the original enthusiasm about being able to make a difference has been lost, just a lot more experience gained and some fun had along the way.

Not heard of us? This is because much of our work has come from M&E consultants, realising that it is necessary to have specialists dealing with lifts but not wishing to commit to employing one full time — this has involved us in many exciting projects in a wide range of sectors.

We have gained a reputation for dealing with the ‘difficult jobs’. This is not something we have cultivated deliberately, however we think it is probably because we tend to think of ways of solving a problem in the most effective manner, rather than saying ‘it can’t be done’ or ‘get a new one’ — we believe most things can be done, given the right people with the right attitude. Often thought of as awkward by contractors who just want to do what they want to do, it is refreshing when we find the right party to do what is right, ie what is wanted by the Client, not simply what is easy or what makes them the most profit.

Health and safety, and provisions for the disabled, are something we care a great deal about — not simply the letter of the law though, we evaluate what is actually required or beneficial and get it is done.

The phrase ‘surely they wouldn’t do that’ doesn’t exist in our vocabulary — we have seen some strange and amusing sights over the years, and this page is our opportunity to share them with you.

Not DDA compliant

Now, where’s the most awkward place?

Retrospective lift well adjustment

Feeling groovy!

You dirty rat!

Retrospective lift well adjustment


Experienced enough for major projects but still flexible enough for the smaller ones, we are passionate about doing the job right for the benefit of our Clients.

We also enjoy challenges, perhaps ones that others turn their noses up at or think too difficult, as we see ourselves, not only as the lift consultants we are called, but as ‘problem solvers’ that happen to specialise in all aspects of vertical transportation.

Letraset SWL
Inaccessible pit ladder

Step this way please

Justified? Or not?

Coming unstuck

Water hydraulic?

Emergency instruction engraving