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Q.    Why?

A.    Buying a building, or leasing one on a FRI basis, is a huge responsibility. It is therefore essential to ensure that ‘everything works’ or, alternatively, identifying why not and establishing a means of rectifying the situation.

Faulty or old lifts and escalators cost more to maintain, both in terms of money and down time, and cause complaints from staff, clients, tenants, guests, etc. The outcome is increased expense, loss productivity, reduced profit and, perhaps, presentation of an image other than that desired.

There are many statutory requirements, eg LOLER, the Health & Safety at Work, etc Act, that ‘owners or occupiers’ need to comply with, in addition to the recommendations made by bodies such as British Standards. These cannot be ignored and often give a contractor a ‘blank cheque’ to carry out the work unless this is supervised by a knowledgeable independent body.

Vandalism is a frustrating but very real reason for the poor performance of many lifts and escalators. Surveys cannot eliminate the cause but help in making it difficult for the vandals, by identifying appropriate means of reducing their opportunities.




Q.   Who?

A.  We provide a full surveying facility, carried out by experienced and professional specialists who are not driven by profit, but give impartial advice for the benefit of the client, not the contractor.

Q.   What?

A.   Our surveys include, as applicable: a full study of the site conditions; a description of the installation and its environment; comments on performance and compliance with applicable legislation and standards; identification of any faults; a conclusion; and recommendations to rectify problems. We write in a clear and concise style for the professional and layperson alike.

Q.    Where?

A.    Anywhere in the world (except war zones).

Q.    When?

A.   At any time in the life of a lift — even new lifts need surveys if they have not been in normal use.





survey’1 v.t. examine condition of (building, etc).
sur’vey’2  n. inspection or investigation of the condition, amount, etc, of something, account giving the results of this.
(The Concise Oxford Dictionary)

We define a survey as: a means to an end; a way of reporting on condition; investigation, identification and proposals for rectification.
(Tony Warren Limited)

We also find many of them very interesting.



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